Sanaem Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory Opened

On August 23, 2017, Sarayköy Nuclear Research and Education Center (SANAEM) Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory (İSDL) was opened. In this facility, it is possible to calibrate all kinds of radiation measurement devices required in many sectors in our country according to international standards.

The laboratory consists of the following systems.
1. Gamma Calibration System - Treatment Level
2. Gamma Calibration System - Level of Protection
3. X-Ray Calibration System - 320 kV
4. X-Ray Calibration System - 160 kV
5. X-Ray Calibration System - Mammography
6. Beta Calibration System
7. Neutron Calibration System
8. Panoramic Irradiation System

In particular, the Neutron Calibration System is the first and only laboratory for the calibration of neutron applications in our country. In this period, especially in the period when nuclear power plants were established, it will fill an important gap in our country and meet the need of reference laboratory in all studies related to neutron radiation.